The $10,000 Kiwi tech book

Kiwi technology cartoonist Jim is four fifths of the way to raising the $10,000 he needs to publish a collection of cartoons.

Sounds Like a Game Changer: A soon-to-be obsolete collection of technology cartoons by Jim (click to pledge)

Sounds Like a Game Changer: A soon-to-be obsolete collection of technology cartoons by Jim (click to pledge)

Jim, whose real life alter-ego is Microsoft New Zealand public relations executive Brendan Boughen, launched his PledgeMe campaign on May 18 to publish his cartoon collection Sounds Like A Game Changer: A Soon to be Obsolete Collection of Technology Cartoons.
"Over the last 10 years, as I've worked day jobs managing PR communications for a wide range of technology brands, I've also drawn many cartoons about the technology that has impacted our world so dramatically over that time," Boughen said.

"Computers, software, hardware, tablets, phablets, smartphones, game consoles, websites, social media, the Internet, fibre-networks, robotics, big data, servers, the cloud, 'green' tech, apps, memes, BYOD, data security, space travel, time-travel, innovation, collaboration, prognostication … If it's anything to do with technology, I've probably cartooned about it!
"Anyway, I decided it was high time I collected those cartoons into a single volume, alongside some written thoughts on my experiences in communicating about technology as it's evolved over this last crazy, game-changing decade. I've selected around 100 of my favourite technology themed cartoons . . . so now I just need to publish it.

So why does he doodle using the pen name Jim?

"The Jim name has been around since I was a fetus, being the nickname my dad gave me when I was in utero. It stuck after I was born, in spite of being named Brendan. It's also a lot shorter to sign than my real name, which is generally a good cartoon policy. Brief is good!"

By Tuesday night Boughen had raised nearly $8,000 towards his book and he has until 6pm on Friday to raise the rest of the cash or his supporters' pledges will amount to nothing.
"I'm feeling very happy that we're now just about 80 per cent funded, but also moved and just incredibly grateful to all those who have stepped up and pledged with such enthusiasm," said Boughen on Tuesday night.

"This book has been 10 years in the making, so to be so close to it becoming a reality now is exciting. Over the six weeks of the campaign I've also had some added inspiration from very current tech news stories, so will be including some new cartoons in there that are hot off the pen, so to speak."

Boughen is offering a few value-packed supporter reward packs to encourage pledges.
"What I'm also looking forward to is doing some new cartoons for those people who have pledged for the $250 'Premium' packs which includes a new, original cartoon drawn by Jim on a topic of their choosing. I was offering 10 of those at the start, and now there are just three left, so I can't wait to get busy with some new cartoons for those game changing folk."

"Speaking of which, the funny thing too is that throughout the campaign I've still heard the phrase 'game changer' used almost every day in the media and on social channels to describe something new in the tech sector. I hope this book will maybe give pause to those who overuse that word and get people thinking about how technology should really be about empowering genuine human connection and progress and not just creating more wires and screens to get in the way of that."

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