BAD WOLF returns on TARDIS speaker

Prepare for a journey into sound. Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston's TARDIS has been immortalised as a wireless speaker carrying the "BAD WOLF" graffiti from the first series of new Who.


The phrase showed up like an internet meme many times throughout Eccleston's time as the Doctor, and was so important to the plot that his last episode was named Bad Wolf by show runner Russell T Davies.
The Bluetooth BAD WOLF TARDIS was announced by FAMETEK LLC, the licensed collectable division of Massive Audio Inc., which has the manufacturing rights from BBC Worldwide North America. 

At 5.5 inches tall the new TARDIS speaker is smaller than the one the Doctor's late companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) carried in the Series 8 story Flatline. That was closer to the 8 inch 11th and 12th Doctor's TARDIS that the company released last year, complete with her St John Ambulance logo on the right hand door.
Massive Audio also released a pair of black and gold Bluetooth Dalek speakers, Sir Peter Jackson eat your heart out, and Doctor Who branded headphones.

The BAD WOLF TARDIS comes pre-installed with six TARDIS sound effects, such as the materialise and dematerialise sound and the cloister bell. Eeach of the sounds is linked to a function.
The BAD WOLF TARDIS speaker's sound comes from a pair of 1.5 inch Massive Audio speakers hidden inside the stolen Gallifreyan time machine.
It also has an LED top lamp and illuminated windows.

The speaker has a 35 ft range, but you can also connect sound sources, such as old stereo units, via wires. If your source device is not Bluetooth compatible you can always buy a Bluetooth transceiver that adds that functionality by plugging in to the auxiliary socket.

Forget the Eye of Harmony, the BAD WOLF TARDIS is powered by a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a five-hour playback life.  There's a battery indicator display and voice battery low indicator.
USB and 3.5mm auxiliary cables are included in the box.

"We have experienced overwhelming support for our wireless Doctor Who speakers and are very excited to roll out the new Doctor Who 5" speaker range. There is a lot more to come in this collection!" said Jeremy Larsson of Massive Audio Inc. 

Next up, due for release in May, is a tenth Doctor figural speaker crafted to look like David Tennant. So fans of the Big Finish produced Doctor Who audio adventures will be able to listen to Tennant's return to the role in appropriate style.

The BAD WOLF TARDIS went on sale at, and other retailers, on March 1, at a recommended retail price of US$49.95.
It's just what the Doctor ordered. I certainly can't wait to get my hands on a model.
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