Cyberlink PowerDVD 15

Cyberlink should think about a new name for its PowerDVD software.
The name PowerDVD only hints at the functionality of this software, which you'll see is so much more than just a software DVD player.

For years now the various versions of Cyberlink PowerDVD have offered the personal computer owner far more than the ability to play DVDs. The most obvious of these functions is high definition Blu-ray playback or 1080p. But the latest iteration, version 15 released late last year, also comes with the ability to play content in Ultra HD or 2160p.

The TrueTheater setting built into the PowerDVD playback software can make a flat picture jump out of the screen as it becomes more lifelike.
TrueTheater HD upscales video to HD quality and beyond.
TrueTheater Motion up-converts the frame-rate for smoother video playback.
TrueTheater Lighting enhances image colours and detail.
TrueTheater Stretch intelligently expands older 4:3 ratio video to modern 16:9 format.
TrueTheater Stabilizer minimizes video shakiness.
TrueTheater Denoise reduces video artefacts.
TrueTheater Sound enhances four key audio areas: bass boosting is designed to provide a cinema-like sound experience. Vocal range amplification, makes speech crisper and more audible. Reverb engagement creates a virtual surround sound effect. Volume amplification to boost audio performance in environments with high levels of ambient noise such as aircraft, trains, cars and offices.

PowerDVD 15 is also a full function media player, supporting a broad range of file formats. These include Apple Lossless, AVC/264, AVCHD 3D/Progressive, Blu-ray 3D, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD, Facebook videos, Flac, Flickr content, HEVC H.265, MKV, MP4, RAW, Vimeo videos and YouTube are all supported.

While we're onto YouTube, you can pin your favourite YouTube clips to the video library for playing offline.

But there's more. You can extract the audio track from a video file and import it into the media library. For Copyright reasons this functionality does not work on DVDs or Blu-rays. To extract audio find the video file in CyberLink PowerDVD, either in the Movie Library or via the My Computer tab. Right-click on the video file you want to extract the audio from, and then select Extract Audio. Click the More Settings button to configure the extract audio settings for file format and bitrate.

Cyberlink PowerDVD 15 also plays ISO images. Software such as DVDFab allow you to rip DVDs to your hard disc drive and ImgBurn allows you to convert those files into ISO files.
You can also use PowerDVD as a powerful digital photo album capable of projecting slideshows. Its user interface is displayed like a calendar, making it easy to find photos taken on certain days.

Since Microsoft has removed DVD playback from Windows Media Player in Windows 10, PowerDVD 15 is a more than capable alternative that will give you so much more functionality.
If you just want to watch a DVD the Microsoft DVD Player app in the Windows store is fine. You might even have it gratis if you upgraded from an older version of Windows with Media Centre pre-installed.