New Ransomware Targeting Android Devices

Remember hearing that the CryptoLocker ransomware was bad news? Well, there is a new variant of ransomware targeting users on Android phones and tablets.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware refers to a form of malware that locks down an infected machine and demands some sort of payment to unlock it. In the case of CryptoLocker - the ransomware encrypts important files on the infected machine and demands payment for the private key that would decrypt those files.

Ransomware previously targeted PC users with Windows operating system, but the increasing popularity of mobile devices has led to hackers broaden their efforts.


So what is the new threat?

Known as Android-Trojan.Koler.A, this new ransomware virus is hidden in Android Apps and locks Android devices and demands that victims pay a $300 fine for allegedly committed a crime browsing banned illegal pornography websites.

How do you become infected with it?

It is relatively easy to get infected with Android-Trojan.Koler.A. Once a person visits certain websites with (not necessarily) pornographic or erotic content, you're asked to download a "codec" to view the videos. The user is then asked to install the .apk codec file manually.

Android has a protection against malicious apps that allow's apps to be installed only from the Play Store, so the virus requires the user to enable installation of unknown sources, which opens a hole for various viruses and trojans.

Once Android-Trojan.Koler.A is installed, it will immediately lock the device showing its' screen with the information about the allegedly committed crimes with added victim's IP address.

So what can be done about it?

Firstly, we recommend that you only install applications from the legitimate Google Play store.

Secondly, we recommend that you protect yourself with anti-virus software.

How can Need A Nerd help?

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