Problem Solving In Windows

New computers perform well. Older ones slow down. Here's a handful of tips that will help you get performance back.

Resource Monitor See what's slowing things down by running Windows' built in Resource Monitor. Hover over the Start button in Windows 7 and click Start and type "resmon" and press enter to see what processes and services are using the central processing unit, memory and hard disk drive. What's running on a brand new machine will be considerably less than an old machines that has had lots of software added to it.

The time is wrong A wrong personal computer desktop clock not only makes you late or early for events if you rely on it for time keeping but also plays havoc with computer networks and some software installed on your system. If yours is wrong right click it and select "Adjust date/time>Internet time>Change settings" and tick "Synchronise with an internet time server" and click "Update now". Your machine will be as accurate as can be from now on.

Get better wallpaper Bored with Windows default wallpaper scheme? Why not browse Microsoft's many theme packs that are designed to brighten your computer up. Each theme pack cycles through a selection of wallpapers in a set theme. Right click on the Desktop and click "Personalize>Get more themes online". You can choose from theme packs in the Animals, Art, Automotive, Games, Holidays and seasons, Movies, Natural Wonders, Places and landscapes and Plants and flowers categories to name a few.

Cluttered desktop? It's easy to get carried away and clutter your desktop with far too many windows. Problem is closing them will make it harder to find all that information again as and when you need it. Pressing the Windows button on the bottom left of the keyboard with the Home key will minise all but the window you are working in and declutter your screen. Repeating the key press will bring everything back.

Old programs won't run on my new machine Sometimes old software just won't work on new PCs. But all is not lost. Hit the Ctrl and Shift keys as you right click the program icon and select the "Troubleshoot Compatibility" option. This runs a built in wizard which will try and help get the old software up and running. This works far more frequently than it doesn't.

My computer keeps crashing Windows has a built in tool which fixes system stability issues. Get to it in the Control Panel by clicking "System and security>Action centre>Maintenance>Check for solutions" and Windows will do its thing.

I keep hitting the touchpad on my laptop when I'm typing Nothing slows productivity like a laptop touchpad. It just makes the cursor bounce around the screen as you type. Some can be switched off by touching the top left hand corner of them. If not install Touchfreeze from This disables the touchpad while you are typing stopping you ever being frustrated again.

Need a screen grab There's lots of ways of taking a grab from your screen but the easisest is Snipping Tool built in to Windows 7 and 8. Snipping Tool can take full screen grabs from Windows, smaller grabs of defined oblongs or squares and you can also draw freehand around images you want to grab. Snipping Tool can save such grabs s jpg files which you can open in photo editors such as Microsoft Paint or Photoshop.

Remove malicious software Windows has a built in Malicious Software Removal tool. Type MRT from Start to bring it up and run it. You'll soon be sorted.

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