Getting More From Your Broadband

Why put up with a slow internet connection? Watching the loading circle spin when trying to watch the latest episodes on Netflix or YouTube is such a drag. Why wait for hours to download that sweet new game you just bought online, or to save all your precious files into a backup service online?

Getting the most bang-for-your-buck out of your internet connection can feel like a real challenge.

But if you feel like your internet is only crawling when it should be flying - good news! There are a few simple steps you can take to get your wings back.

Get the fastest internet connection you can. Fibre is generally faster than VDSL, which is faster again than ADSL. Chorus have a handy map at, where you can check which services are available at your address. Then go sign-up with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the fastest one you can afford. Is fibre still coming to your home or business? It'd be a good idea to wait for it, if you can. Your ISP can put you on the list to be notified when it comes to your area, so contact them today. You might be able to upgrade your existing plan to get faster speeds. Call your ISP to check today. Unlimited data is great! If you can afford it, get it. Especially useful when sharing space with heavy users like teenagers, flatmates, online gamers or tech-savvy staff. Already got the best? Maybe your router is slowing you down. Some routers can limit your internet speeds due to their throughput (maximum transmission speed) being slower than your internet connection can run. You'll need something that's at least as fast as your internet speeds, preferably even higher as faster connections become available in the future. Replacement routers are available from just $70, depending on your speeds and needs. Plus there are models available for parents and businesses to keep control of what people can browse, when and for how long. Using network cable? Upgrading your router, computers and cables to gigabit speeds can make a big difference. You'll need to replace your old, slow router and network cables with new ones. But you can add a plugin card to a desktop or laptop computer to get it running up to 1000 mb per second or 10 times faster than most NZ fibre connections. Using wireless? New wireless routers have some great tech for speeding up your browsing. You'll need something with "Wireless N" technology, which can run up to 600 mb per second. Add MIMO (multiple-in, multiple-out) to get even faster speeds and better signal range and strength. Before you upgrade, check if your devices support Wireless N. Modern laptops, smartphones and tablets will have this built-in, but you might need to upgrade older computers, especially desktops, with new plugin cards for this faster wireless. Got all this but still running slow? Maybe your computer or phone is the problem. We can clean up and speed up your devices, but if you want to give it a go yourself consider: Upgrading the hardware, removing viruses and spyware and uninstalling software you no longer use. Quick Terms: Fibre - super fast internet that uses fibre optic cables and beams of light. Requires special equipment inside and outside your property, plus some digging and wiring work by the professionals. VDSL - really fast internet that uses your existing phone lines. Medium speeds with minimum effort. ADSL - pretty fast internet that uses your existing phone lines. Where broadband began. Now outclassed by VDSL and fibre.

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