Converting Old Records And Cassettes To Digital

Smart phones equipped with digital music players have made it easy to carry hundreds, if not thousands, of your favourite songs around in your pocket.

If you’re a recent convert to smart phones and your shelves are bulging with loads of old records and tapes it’s easier than you might think to convert them and save yourself a packet on downloading them from whatever service you might use. After all you bought it on cassette or record, so why should you have to buy it again digitally?

If your tastes in music are unusual, or your collection of records is of a vintage, it’s possible that some of your recordings, that are old, won’t even be available for download on any service.

If you get stuck in and convert your collection you can listen to your favourite cassettes and records on your smart phone’s speaker, supplied headphones, car stereo, or Bluetooth speakers. While you can try you old cassette player or turntable hooked up to your computer’s microphone socket it gets variable results.

A much easier, and far superior way, is one of Australia based Mbeat’s range of USB connected cassette and turntable recorders.

They all connect to your computer via a USB cable and come bundled with the free Audacity software which you can use record your favourite music onto your computer. The software is easy to use, and you can do as little or as much sound editing as you like.

If you’re lazy you can record each album as one large track or as two tracks - side one and side two of the cassette or record. But if you take your time you can separate each of the tracks from the source material out. Even more attention to detail, and you can removed the clicks and pops from your recordings.

The mbeat Retro Briefcase-styled USB turntable recorder is the top of the range device. With it you can listen to the record with its built-in stereo speakers or just monitor the output via your PC or Mac personal computer.

The mbeat USB Turntable Recorder with Dual Speakers does the same job.

You don’t even need a computer with the mbeat Turntable to Digital Recorder with USB/SD Direct Recording. It can record straight from your records into an SD card or USB flash drive. You can move your music from it to your smartphone without even connecting to a computer.

If you want portability the mbeat Portable USB Turntable Record Player is a redesigned record player is the world’s first battery and USB powered two-speed (33⅓ and 45 rpm) turntable. Its platter is smaller than a teacup saucer. It features a USB hookup for easy Analog-To-Digital transfer and includes a dynamic full range speaker.

If cassettes is more your thing the mbeat USB Cassette Tape Recorder and Player works in a similar way. It allows users to transfer cassettes to computers and is also capable of playing back your cassette through its dual speakers’ sound box.

If you’re after one device to do both cassettes and records the mbeat USB Turntable and Cassette to Digital Recorder -2 in-1.

Simply connect to your PC’s USB port and launch the supplied music editing software. This has a wooden finish making it fit well in the living room.

Check them out at

Download Audacity from if you fancy having a try before you buy the hardware you need.