Now listen here

Now listen here. Here's a newish device that will literally bring music to your ears. It's a Bluetooth speaker that's really worth sitting up and listening to.

There's all manner of mobile, Bluetooth capable, speakers on the market, but none of the ones we've tried with our smart phones and tablet computers at Need A Nerd pack quite the punch of the Ultimate Ears Megaboom.
Ultimate Ears is a brand owned by personal computer peripheral specialist Logitech, so you know it's going to be top of the line, and it certainly doesn't disappoint.


The Ultimate Ears Megaboom has been on the New Zealand market since January, so there's been plenty of time to give it a jolly good sound test, and it certainly delivers on its promise of more power, more sound and more bass than its predecessor the Ultimate Ears Boom.

Whatever your listening to, be it music from your collection or the spoken word via a radio app, the Ultimate Ears Megaboom rings out clear as a bell.

You really can't the difference between high definition audio from a Compact Disc player and MP3 files ripped to a Bluetooth connected device and broadcast to the Ultimate Ears Megaboom. Even better. If you had two speakers, which at $399.99 each would set you back a whopping $799.98, you can have a stereo experience using the UE app in the Apple app store and GooglePlay store.

Both Ultimate Ears Megaboom its predecessor are also designed to frequently update with new features accessible through the respective free apps, such as remote On/Off, alarm functionality and fully customizable sound. And updates are ade to the speakers over the air.

Even with one Ultimate Ears Megaboom cylindrical speaker, the size of roughly two tins of baked beans stacked one on top of the other weighing less than two pounds, you've got enough boom to fill the room or even clear it if you questionable musical taste. For the Ultimate Ears Megaboom emits 360 degree sound.

It's great for camping, too, so long as you pitch your tent away from other campers. For the Ultimate Ears Megaboom is water proof and boasts a stain resistant acoustic skin. 
Charging is via a day-glo yellow plug and USB cable which plug into the mains and the speaker can play music for 20 hours before it needs another charge.

Bluetooth range is a stunning 100 foot.

"People want their music wherever they go, and to be part of everything they do," said Rory Dooley, general manager of Ultimate Ears. "That's why we designed UE MEGABOOM to be strong enough to withstand your life and your adventures, and allow you to share the magic of music wherever you go."